Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day 22

Here’s an old school blog post coming at ya! 🙂

As much as this blog is for you guys, it’s for me too – an online diary of sorts to help me remember special events in my life. Of course, Mother’s Day (and all of its little yet important details) is an occasion that I want to remember forever.

The night before Mother’s Day, Mal made it a point to “remind” Quinn that he was not to wake me up in the morning. Mal even made him repeat just how the morning would go… it was something like, “quietly come into our bedroom and wake me up. DO NOT  wake up Mumma.” This was especially important because, obviously, I wanted to sleep in a little bit, but my previous five Mother’s Day began with me waking up at an ungodly hour with a tiny human while Mal slept. Haha!

This year, on Mother’s Day, I slept in until about 7:30 AM and then went downstairs. The boys were off for a morning adventure, so I made myself an iced vanilla nut Teechino, snuggled with Murphy on the couch, and watched an episode of The Handmaid’s Tale. I finished the episode and realized they had been gone for quite awhile.

Mother’s Day 23

Maybe 10 minutes later, Quinn walked into the living room with an iced coffee from the Coffee Shack – my favorite! The location near our house closed down a couple of years ago, but the original is still open. It’s a solid 25-30 minutes from our house, so we rarely visit, but the boys ventured down to bring me my favorite iced coffee.

Mother’s Day 24

And donuts! 🙂

Mother’s Day 25

They also brought me presents! Yup, that’s Murphy’s head on a pirate’s body! Hahahaha!

Mother’s Day 26

And homemade cards!

Mother’s Day 27

Mother’s Day 28

My babies! 🙂

Mother’s Day 29

Mal and Quinn cooked me a fabulous pancake and bacon breakfast. Delish!

Mother’s Day 30

After breakfast, I did a solo driveway workout and then Mal helped me dye my hair. The grays were out of control, so my hairdresser friend hooked me up with all of the products needed to color it at home. It took Mal and me a solid 2 hours to get it done, but my hair turned out great!!

Mother’s Day 31

Later that afternoon, we took Murphy for a long walk around the neighborhood and then we all played Tic-Tac-Toe in the driveway using sidewalk chalk.

For dinner, we had planned to order take-out from one of our favorite local restaurants, but, sadly, it was closed. Whomp whomp. I guess we should have double-checked the hours. We tried a few other restaurants, but most had taken advanced orders for Mother’s Day, so we were out of luck. I was a little bummed, but I knew we had the ingredients for a delicious dinner, so Mal cooked Pixie wings, potatoes, and Brussels sprouts, which ended up totally hitting the spot!

Mother’s Day 32

All in all, it was a wonderful Mother’s Day with my boys!

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